Student Haiku

Ecole Madeleine d'Houet School

Grade 7 Classes

February - May 1999

The Great Wall of China;
All covered in green grass;
Many people walking.

- Melissa Chan

Winter cold and harsh
Snow blowing through the bare trees
Kids playing outside.

- Jeanette Bastos

The sunrise is nice
The red flowers start to bloom
The children awake.

- Camille Diaz

Adults take long walks
While children run through sprinklers
In the summer heat

- Maya Pankalla

camping in peaceful nature
silence in the forest
new animal life
and reproduction

- Adam Tucker

Dragon wings spread far.
Flying over the forest.
A scaly shadow.

- Virginia Emery

Rusty shaky bones,
Rattling and rusty old bones
Tumble down again.

- Virginia Emery

The red melting rock
Flowing down the mountain side
Steaming into rock.

- Virginia Emery

A man jumping;
A funny stretchy blue suit
the crowd applauds
the show ends

- Paula Kahr

Volcano erupts, lava flows, people scream, village burns

- Taylor Austin

An old withered face.
Lonley blue eyes filled with tears.
The wind blows he's gone.

- Lisa Anderson

Old rickety house,
Worn, and tattered from the years,
Old moss covered well.

- Keely S.

A tall willow tree,
A child sitting and thinking,
Swaying with the wind.

- Keely S.

Baby skin;
soft as cotton;
wet with spittle

- Carol Brown

The waterfall crashes against the soft smooth rocks.

- Mike A.

Night has fallen,
the lights are out,
children are rowming the streets.

- Atila Egyed

A green tree.
leaves trickalling.
by an empty stream.

- Crystal Saltel

Singing sands beneth your toes
Dark bleu water feels cold
as it crashers over your feet

- Margaux MacDonald

The water fall craches,
like a rock falling in the calm stream.

- Leah

The snow is falling
People are freezing
People laugh histarically

- Gwen Gannon

Sparkling & shining
like tiny diamonds the dew
reflects the sunlight

- Kayle M.

Baby Koala,
soft, cute and furry;
no mother near

- Neil Burnside

Eagles in the air;
fly so high;
in the sky.

- Julianne Fic

Chimpunk small and cute;
in the ground;
sleeping sound.

- Julianne Fic

The snake glids to his home
with a full stomach
his red tongue slithers fast

- Samantha Neulander

The Hot Sun rays,
glancing through the clouds,
nice calm beach and a sparkeling blue ocean.

- Jessica Ruzicki

Squirel underground;
no sound made;
long sleeper;

- Chris Roach

Riding down the hill,
the snow brushes
my back. I can feel the whistling wind.
as it brushes past me.

- Anthony McLachlan

Kids playing
someone screams
puppy barking

- Stephanie Floyd

Willow trees,
Crissed Crossed,
Arround a colorful rainbow.

- Jillian

Dripping candles
falling wax
burning my fingers

- Marie-Claire Gauthier

turtles walking
children running
traffic jam

- Marie-Claire Gauthier

A rose withers, and
its petals gently fall down
into the soft snow.

- Jessica Armand

A leaf is falling
lands in the peaceful river
The ripples never end.

- Jessica Armand

On a moon light blue.
A baby coyote howls away
The river trickles down hill.

- Jessica F.

Truth and honesty
always there for each other
friends are forever

- Melanie Stuckless and Laura Jarvey

The moon is high
The clouds glide by the moon
The light is gone

- Danusia Moreau

The mud bubbles
extremely high in the murky
pools at Rotorua.

- Nicholas

Silent waterfall
A green pond of fish and frogs
A mermaid singing

- Virginia Emery

Flowers blossom bright
The ivy climbs the stone wall
A pond of lily pads.

- Virginia Emery

Look! A bubble
Floating in the air
Oh no! PoP!

- Taylor Austin

Chewing on EVERYTHING!

- Corie Rochon

My Garden
The garden blooms with colors.
Full of vegetables and fruits.
Sweet smelling flowers.

- Maya Pankalla

On the lake
Water on pond shimmering
Frogs croaking on lilypads
Dragonflies gliding.

- Maya Pankalla

baby's closed eyes
soft pink skin
momma nearby resting

- Katie Duke

The lights are out
the candles are brilitly burning
Och the flames Hurt

- Ashlynn Voyer

teacher teaching.
thinking, trying to understand:
noisy scribbles

- Jessica Musto

lonely, darkness
solitairy personal
looking for a friends

- Chris Millette

Jumping around
fun and flexible

- Chris Millette

In the busy life
go fast

- anonymous

A new life
wrapped in pink
grow up

- anonymous

Red and rocky
it hurts my feet
the mountain's high I'm scared

- anonymous

I jump with height
I look down at the faces
There watching me

- anonymous

Busy city
everbody is rushing
got to get to work

- Daniel Monk

cute little baby
crying wining
get my mommy

- Daniel Monk

The cold snow
britened by the sun
still freezing my toes

- Nicole Pun

newboarn baby cries
warm in a cotton blanket
new life begginning

- Erin Ceorge

Tracks deep in the snow
fog looms in the clouds above
christmas is coming

- Erin George

It is summer now.
The forest smells of wet leaves
screeching animals.

- Dan G.

Sunlight reflecting
quiet man canoeing
silence on the lak

- Dan G.

The Ray of light streming through the forest
mornig dew frosting on the tress.

- Nicollette Tremblay

Big willow
swaying in the wind
acorn falling

- Renée Mousseau

Dogs run
Dogs bark out loud
Chewing bones

- Paula Kahr

Fashion is on the change
in today gone tomorrow
mostly for sheep

- Nicholas

A polyester shirt
a hot day

- Anthony McLachlan

Cool heeled shoes
Nice blue jeans
a girl blushing

- Julianne Fic

Ugly red zits
checkered pants
people crying

- Julianne Fic

long, long dresse
short, short skirts
people wearing fedors

- Graeme Ford

Cool bubble purse
A pretty dress
A big price.

- Crystal

Famous model
A big shiny silver walkway
Fans screaming.

- Crystal

A yellow dress
sun shining bright
down deep in the forest.

- Crystal

Red, Orange, Green, Blue
All good colours
But which to go on my nails?

- Gwen Gannon

Lovely girls
Handsome, Huggable guys
Cologne, perfume

- Cameron Smith

Tree's in the forest
Tall and slim
Wind rushes through
Green thick leaves.

- Amanda DiTomaso

warm and light
orange yellow and red
small yet big

- Amanda DiTomaso

An old willow tree.
Arched branches, withered brown bark.
Lonely and Mournful.

- Lisa Anderson

Raindrops plunging down.
Crashing onto the dry earth.
Soaking everything.

- Lisa Anderson

Stars gleaming in space
A shooting star has been wished
Young observers watch

- Luis Messier

Green moss on tall trees,
sun filters through small spaces
with golden specs of light

- P. Drake

Orange and black strips
in the dark gloomy forest
it's green eyes glaring.

- Maggie

small drops of water
tiptoeing onto the ground
from the dark vast sky

- Maggie

Velvity red petals
sharp, prickly needles
sweet smell of a rose

- Maggie

Slight Breeze Rustling leaves
Gale force bending trees, blowing away houses
Wind calms, all is silent

- Aaron Sun

Stars gleaming in space,
Luminating the night sky,
Young observers watch.

- Adam Hamilton

radiant sunrise
rising over the mountain
warming all the earth.

- Samantha Deutscher

Love at first sight
cute, cuddly little thing
Born to the world

- Izabela D.

Fun, wonderful fun
junping, skiping, playing fun,
Oh it's fun to be fun

- Kaitlyn Gottlieb

The huge dark snow storm
In the deserted prarie
Is over my house

- Ben Forrest
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