Almost all my energies over the last six months or so have been bent to the production of my solo show in the Marion Nicholl Gallery at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It finally opened just a few days ago.

After over a month of neglect [due to the pressures of getting the physical aspects of the show ready] I can get back to modifying these pages which describe the show, my intent in doing it and the path toward its final state. I think you may be especially interested in some of the evolutionary aspects of its development.

The basic ideas for the show can be gleaned from the long version of my artist's statement. It is entitled "My Intent". It discusses my general artistic and theoretical viewpoints and gives a preliminary view of what I originally intended that the show would be about. The footnotes are implemented as superscripted, named links and there are other links besides. Out of this document came the proposal which describes the project in detail and which I submitted as an application to do the show. This will give you a much better idea of what the show is all about.

Rather than produce one long narrarive about the show's progress I thought it would be much more interesting to tell the little stories about the parts of it as the proposal stimulates my memory - so they are linked in where they fit. While I am constructing this over the next few days you will get some idea of what went on by looking at old versions of my Progress-to-date and to-do pages.

Perhaps the most important thing I wanted to add are the thanks. One hears people thanking 'those without whom the project would not have been possible' everywhere from business meetings to Academy Award Ceremonies, and usually it is pretty boring for the listeners. I thought that sending back those thanks was simply part of the convention of such relationships; I had totally missed the enormous emotional imperative that drives those who have been greatly helped. I feel that way now.

I have never attempted a project before that relied so heavily on so many people. I cannot really express the depth of my happiness at their involvement and my gratitude for their help. Even if I could have done it all myself I'm glad that I didn't, because it was so enjoyable working together with them or with their advice.

Soon I will add more links to these 'thank-you's; but even without them the list will perhaps suggest something to you for your own works and own concerns.

With luck I'll soon have some images, sound and video clips available to add to this site - but it all takes so much time and I'm off to NCECA [ceramics conference in Las Vegas] on Tuesday!