It was very easy to say that the mall was to be used for the display cases; but the organizing of it was much more difficult. The mall is booked through the Illingworth-Kerr Gallery. When I went there [in January] to book the space I discovered that the Printmaking department already owned the whole mall for the time I needed some space. So I left a message for Stuart Parker of Printmaking and over the phone he okayed my use of part of the space. We later met in the mall, chose the probable space and shook hands over the deal.

But things started to unravel a week or so before my show. A sculpture with a large pool of oil was given my spot and Stuart and I negotiated a different position. I also decided that I needed four, white wall-panels for inside the Marion Nichol Gallery to divide the chapel space from the curator's room. These are managed by the Illingworth-Kerr Gallery and were all booked by Printmaking. So these were added as a codicil to my deal with Stuart. It also turned out that the second week I needed in the mall was now owned by the second-year photography students. I negotiated use of the space and the panels with them too.

On the Friday just preceeding the Monday when the cases were to be installed in the mall I discovered that Jewellery was already using my newly negotiated site and would need it beyond my set-up date. Apparently they had a deal with someone else in Printmaking. So I negotiated yet a new position for the display cases with Jewellery and with Kevin Dow, the artist who had the week prior to mine in the Marion Nichol Gallery. And this is where the display cases actually got installed on the Monday and where they stayed until Holy Thursday. In hindsight the final position was probably the best I could have chosen anyway!