The One Year Daily Haiku Project

December 1998

Code from my fingers
slowly quickens my design,
incarnates structure.

[Calgary, Dec 1st]
Slow flowing river
dotted by tiny ice-floes
frozen at the shore.

[Calgary, Dec 2nd]
A full grey-marked disc
glows white, high in the night sky;
seas, craters, foot-prints.

[Calgary, Dec 3rd]
Gingerly stepping
distant icy parking lot
wife's Christmas party.

[Calgary, Dec 4th]
Bright back lane, downtown
warm-air vent, cart of treasures
an old grey man sleeps.

[Calgary, Dec 5th]
Stuck in a time loop;
do life over and over
'til you get it right.

[Calgary, Dec 6th]
He drives, lights flit by
slight swaying, low chatterers
too soon, arrival.

[Calgary, Dec 7th]
Gnarled bent old poplars
ancient soldiers in a row
slowly dying out.

[Calgary, Dec 8th]
Dark skeleton grove
abandonned sacred circle
empty, forgotten.

[Calgary, Dec 9th]
Cakes and cookies
all kinds of sweet squares;
ate recently.

[Calgary, Dec 10th]
Warm wind
glancing down, ripples
vanishing snow.

[Calgary, Dec 11th]
Close around,
strong blossoming voices;
watching the baton.

[Calgary, Dec 12th]
Soft sky
gentle fall warmth;
street sweeper.

[Calgary, Dec 13th]
Empty path
cold river wind
snow hushed.

[Calgary, Dec 14th]
Side porch
light on, door open,
to a knock, no answer.

[Calgary, Dec 15th]
City streets, walking
soft rosy tints, glancing
red sky, transfixed.

[Calgary, Dec 16th]
Wind howls
pine needles on the walk
outlined in snow.

[Calgary, Dec 17th]
Snow floaters
twirl, dance at the bridge
crush, flow away.

[Calgary, Dec 18th]
Squeaky car
huge exhaust plumes
biting cold.

[Calgary, Dec 19th]
Warm-up scale
swelling rich voices
dulcet blending.

[Calgary, Dec 20th]
White cold
bone-chilling walk
frozen river.

[Calgary, Dec 21st]
Unbroken snow,
harsh orange glare, behind...

[Calgary, Dec 22nd]
Paused to thank
stayed, chatted, talked
called away.

[Calgary, Dec 23rd]
Christmas morn
midnight choir sings
all done.

[Calgary, Dec 24th]
Lights on a tree
wine, turkey and pudding
family games.

[Calgary, Dec 25th]
Subsiding house
overweight contents
martial law declared.

[Calgary, Dec 26th]
Snow dusting
can not hide
worn paths.

[Calgary, Dec 27th]
Icy crossing
car gracefully slides
and spins.

[Calgary, Dec 28th]
Temple lions
snow-mantled at the door;
still guardians.

[Calgary, Dec 29th]
Gloves drop
sticks spin away
fists rise.

[Calgary, Dec 30th]
The magic hour
slides quietly by

[Calgary, Dec 31st]