The One Year Daily Haiku Project

August 1999

Baking heat
searing noon light--
cool inside.

[Piscataway, August 1st]
Near the trees
light brown rabbit
nibbles quietly.

[Piscataway, August 2nd]
Distant songs
birds, crickets; spider's
golden thread.

[Somerset, August 3rd]
Seeing my face:
moisture-clouded mirror
one clear runlet.

[Somerset, August 4th]
Down below:
glowing green pool
midnight tryst.

[Piscataway, August 5th]
Lawn chairs
in a quiet corner:
camera watches.

[Piscataway, August 6th]
Down in the plaza
intense drums beat;
ringed by a crowd.

[New York, August 7th]
After praying
fast falling rain--
faster running.

[Franklin, August 8th]
Quiet street
dark familiar trees:
my own door.

[Calgary, August 9th]
Woken in the dark
rain drums on the roof:
open window.

[Calgary, August 10th]
Drizzle and mist;
lush green leaves
drip on me.

[Calgary, August 11th]
A little twig
spins, tumbles, disappears:
muddy river.

[Calgary, August 12th]
Clouds at sunset
light reflecting red:
last light.

[Calgary, August 13th]
Across the street,
gay lights and chatter...
walking home.

[Calgary, August 14th]
Lighted window:
balls on a pool table,
players surround.

[Calgary, August 15th]
Rushing water
rippling reflections
dark arches.

[Calgary, August 16th]
Road turns
blinding gold light:
slower, slower.

[Calgary, August 17th]
Sweaty jogger,
tangled blond hair...
rueful smile.

[Calgary, August 18th]
Lone seagull
gold flashes from its wings
flying high.

[Calgary, August 19th]
Quiet office
everyone's gone home...
except me.

[Calgary, August 20th]
Dusty gravel
crunches underfoot:
hot sun.

[Calgary, August 21st]
Dark plains
horizon's orange glow...
sky lightens.

[Calgary, August 22nd]
Green below
hills marked with orange...
and blue pools.

[New Jersey, August 23rd]
In the shade
the tree sways slowly
under my hand.

[Piscataway, August 24th]
Suddenly awake
water dripping, wind...
prayed-for rain.

[Somerset, August 25th]
Rainy morning
geese strutting in the grass;
brown evergreen.

[Somerset, August 26th]
Quiet river
drifts between the trees:
surface swirls.

[Somerset, August 27th]
Tall trees
grassy plain and paths,
suddenly a crowd.

[Somerset, August 28th]
Soaring voices
a mass of lustrous praise:
healing hands.

[New York, August 29th]
Blowing sand...
the hollow of her throat
a soft touch.

[Somerset, August 30th]
First sunlight:
a pink lattice on my
bedroom wall.

[Somerset, August 31st]