The One Year Daily Haiku Project

December 1999

Smoothly, fluidly
the ringer strokes his rope--
a bell tolls.

[Calgary, December 1st]
Vistas of mountains,
forests, fields and flowers...
faces appearing.

[Calgary, December 2nd]
Glowing dawn,
tall spruce silhouettes:
streaks of pink.

[Calgary, December 3rd]
Conductor hops,
wildly waves and sings:
voices dance.

[Calgary, December 4th]
Dry fields
gullies of bare aspen...
ancient valley.

[Calgary, December 5th]
Snowflakes seen
at each street lamp...
wet my face.

[Calgary, December 6th]
Ice builds,
in calm grey water
near the shore.

[Calgary, December 7th]
Election sign
flat in the brown grass
dusted with snow.

[Calgary, December 8th]
A goose honks--
darker shapes on the
black river.

[Calgary, December 9th]
Blue clouds
far snowy mountains--

[Calgary, December 10th]
High above
red lights on a crane--
the Grinch's cap.

[Calgary, December 11th]
The crowd claps
last Hallelujah sung--
scratchy throat.

[Calgary, December 12th]
Flowing ice
spins out and lazes...
in calm shallows.

[Calgary, December 13th]
Lights blaze
all down the street:
Santa and his elves.

[Calgary, December 14th]
My mind still
pulling bell ropes:
almost asleep.

[Calgary, December 15th]
Lamp-lit clearing
bare trees and snow...
geese resting.

[Calgary, December 16th]
Brown hills
streaks of blue cloud:
the wind is cold.

[Calgary, December 17th]
Cold grey sky--
down the empty street
snow rushes.

[Calgary, December 18th]
Dry snow
caught at the path's edge--
in bristly grass.

[Calgary, December 19th]
At the bridge
water laps, splashes--
traffic murmurs.

[Calgary, December 20th]
Among the trees
the full moon sets...
silvery mist.

[Calgary, December 21st]
Busy cars
bright warm sunshine;
bus's roar.

[Calgary, December 22nd]
Up the long hill
stores sprayed with grey:
constant cars.

[Calgary, December 23rd]
Bells peal--
a church across the park,
lights ablaze.

[Calgary, December 24th]
Unwrapped presents
clutter my needed bed:
nowhere to sleep.

[Calgary, December 25th]
Candles gutter
red wax drips down...
a sip of wine.

[Calgary, December 26th]
Walking along...
sunny winter's day
coatless, warm.

[Calgary, December 27th]
Bright pathway,
bridge... water flows
rippling, black.

[Calgary, December 28th]
Bridge... leaning,
one thousand years,
murmuring water.

[Calgary, December 29th]
Lights twinkle
on distant hillsides--
zipping cars.

[Calgary, December 30th]
Cheering loudens
the ball slowly falls:
confetti and fireworks.

[New York, December 31st]