The One Year Daily Haiku Project

February 2000

A flock of magpies
dart and chatter in the trees--
sunny river.

[Calgary, February 1st]
Dirty spray
coats my greying car...
exhaust fumes.

[Calgary, February 2nd]
Tracery of branches
gold brightening the sky...
plane overhead.

[Calgary, February 3rd]
Plywood walls
warren of passageways:
numbers and locks.

[Calgary, February 4th]
My long shadow
white river ice
walking slowly.

[Calgary, February 5th]
Roofs, antennas,
poles and power lines...
hints of the sun.

[Calgary, February 6th]
Brown grass
icy footprints melting...
wet feet.

[Calgary, February 7th]
Thick, thick snow--
traffic at a slow crawl
red tail-lights.

[Calgary, February 8th]
Heavy snowfall,
delicate branches bend
lower and lower.

[Calgary, February 9th]
Icy corner
four wheel drift,
then ruts.

[Calgary, February 10th]
Sidewalks, icy...
my old black shoes,
worn smooth.

[Calgary, February 11th]
Walking in circles
in the cold snowy night...
lie down, sleep.

[Calgary, February 12th]
Chimney smoke
hangs in the crisp morning,
row on row.

[Calgary, February 13th]
Fifty storeys up
men on the sloping roof...
placing tiles.

[Calgary, February 14th]
The choir thunders,
and slowly, slowly fades...
requiescat in pace.

[Calgary, February 15th]
A young cop,
at lunch she chats...
gun at her side.

[Calgary, February 16th]
Noonday sun:
snow and ice melting
to muddy slush.

[Calgary, February 17th]
Saint or angel,
barely seen by street light,
kneels praying.

[Calgary, February 18th]
Our loaded carts--
down narrow metal halls
to storage cells.

[Calgary, February 19th]
Water trickles
down the dirty gutter:
winter's remains.

[Calgary, February 20th]
Distant mountains:
shining snowy peaks,
dark foothills.

[Calgary, February 21st]
Grey dawn
tall black spruce
wood smoke.

[Calgary, February 22nd]
Soft flakes
drift from the black sky...
water on my hand.

[Calgary, February 23rd]
Crystal vase
roses, full, spray out
a petal falls.

[Calgary, February 24th]
Grey and icy--
dawn's pink reflection
across the street.

[Calgary, February 25th]
Poplar grove
pink in the rising sun,
white snow.

[Calgary, February 26th]
Hot sun...
meltwaters trickle, combine,
rush to the drain.

[Calgary, February 27th]
A hazy cloud
at the crossroads ahead--
only dust.

[Calgary, February 28th]
Just after dawn
thin stripes of cloud,
crescent moon.

[Calgary, February 29th]