The One Year Daily Haiku Project

April 2000

Wildly waving
trees scrape the house;
sudden rain.

[Calgary, April 1st]
Ragged, dirty
three flags wave welcome,
southern neighbour!

[Calgary, April 2nd]
Dawn voices
chatter from the trees,

[Calgary, April 3rd]
Lying asleep
bare leg curled...
a pillow in her arms.

[Calgary, April 4th]
Snowy peaks
far, far off, faded
to sky blue.

[Calgary, April 5th]
Robin redbreast
sweetly serenades me
ice scraping.

[Calgary, April 6th]
A pas de deux,
but Death steals the girl
and dances her.

[Calgary, April 7th]
Bright blue,
a new-washed car...
the only one.

[Calgary, April 8th]
Flakes of snow
drift from a greying sky,
melting on my hand.

[Calgary, April 9th]
Far ahead
the dark road dips
and lights appear.

[Calgary, April 10th]
Blue horizon,
two tall cranes stir...
mountains disappear.

[Calgary, April 11th]
Light snow
falling, melting, freezing:
dormant buds.

[Calgary, April 12th]
Nothing but white
outside my cold window--
a memory of trees.

[Calgary, April 13th] it, label it,
stack it, box it, label it,
stack it... "Faster!"

[Calgary, April 14th]
Pause for a moment
on the stairs... cart's loaded...
breathing slows.

[Calgary, April 15th]
A sea of boxes
fill my huge garage...
washer hoses?

[Calgary, April 16th]
Hazy evening...
dry brown grasslands,
twisting river.

[Calgary, April 17th]
Wet leaves
brown beneath the trees,
rising tulips.

[Calgary, April 18th]
Golden sunlight
across the silent prairie,
straight road.

[Calgary, April 19th]
Distant mountains
softened by golden haze,
shining water.

[Calgary, April 20th]
Movers gone
bare walls, clear floor
spacious once more.

[Calgary, April 21st]
Gentle wind
stirring the dry stalks;
they rustle.

[Calgary, April 22nd]
Confident voices
sing joyful halleluiahs--
thanks to Handel.

[Calgary, April 23rd]
Spilled light
lines of orange dots,
a map in the dark.

[Montreal, April 24th]
Grey sky
water surface reflecting
gentle ripple.

[Montreal, April 25th]
Fast taxi,
dirty grey concrete
tangled roads.

[Montreal, April 26th]
She pauses
wine glass at her lips
considers, smiles.

[Calgary, April 27th]
Bells swing,
ring in slow patterns;
the tower trembles.

[Calgary, April 28th]
Tracing contours
on an old explorers' map,
imagining mountains.

[Calgary, April 29th]
A distant honk--
skimming the rooftops,
one lone goose.

[Calgary, April 30th]