The One Year Daily Haiku Project

August 2000

Sunlight warmth,
lapping water at my toes,
a cricket chirps.

[Calgary, Aug 1st]
Stained trunk,
brown crinkled leaves--
not long, my friend.

[Calgary, Aug 2nd]
The quiet one--
a pretty smile she wears
and he is caught.

[Calgary, Aug 3rd]
Windy sky
grey with recent rain,
leaves on the path.

[Calgary, Aug 4th]
A racing shadow
on the dusty sward... a seagull
in the clear blue sky.

[Calgary, Aug 5th]
Green hills
vanish in the growing mist
grey, shivering.

[Montreal, Aug 6th]
On the hill
an old stone church,
golden in the sun.

[Montreal, Aug 7th]
On a bench
beneath the gentle trees
they kiss.

[Montreal, Aug 8th]
Crumbling sidewalks
edge a field of litter
and scrubby grass.

[Montreal, Aug 10th]
Scudding clouds
raindrops on my shirt,
running home.

[Montreal, Aug 11th]
Languid rain
wind whispered petals
shadowed moon.

[Montreal, Aug 12th]
Falling water
rocks gleaming in the sun
ripples spreading.

[Montreal, Aug 13th]
Sitting by the pond
dozing in the fragrant shade
busy bees.

[Montreal, Aug 14th]
Lightning flashes
banners ripple in the wind...
their fate's to die.

[Montreal, Aug 15th]
Spread below
the wide horizon speeds
the building clouds.

[Montreal, Aug 16th]
Enticing eyes
and skin of glowing gold,
she pirouettes.

[Montreal, Aug 17th]
Blazing sun
hot dusty air,
traffic at a stand.

[Montreal, Aug 18th]
Clouds part
and send the radiant sun
to darkened earth.

[Calgary, Aug 19th]
Scent of gasoline,
thick stubborn grass,
blazing sun.

[Calgary, Aug 20th]
The rising sun
warms away the river's
night-built chill.

[Calgary, Aug 21st]
Reflected sky
and ripples at the water's edge,
a murmur soft.

[Calgary, Aug 22nd]
Drifting with the stream,
six bikinied girls
laughing in the sun.

[Calgary, Aug 23rd]
Riverside rocks
young man sits hunched
cold, grey water.

[Calgary, Aug 24th]
Among the trees
across the dark river,
soft silver light.

[Calgary, Aug 25th]
Rain patters
through the quiet leaves
a glistening splash.

[Montreal, Aug 26th]
A tumbled wall
of brick cement and stone,
the grasses deep.

[Montreal, Aug 27th]
Rumpled bed
and straightened empty chair,
closing door.

[Montreal, Aug 28th]
Enclosing trees
so gently stir, a sparrow
scratches on the path.

[Montreal, Aug 29th]
Still walking
long cold corridors...
a clanging gate.

[Montreal, Aug 30th]
Teens and cars
hot smoking tires,
warm summer eve.

[Montreal, Aug 31st]