The One Year Daily Haiku Project

October 2000

Cold sky
cloudy, dirty, matching
the bus shelter.

[Calgary, Oct 1st]
Black street
glistening... snowflakes
soft hissing.

[Calgary, Oct 2nd]
Growl, rumble
roar, rattle and clatter:
construction all round.

[La Jolla, Oct 3rd]
Ancient cars
rattle up the steep hills
houses all barred.

[Tijuana, Oct 4th]
Green treetops
wave in the morning mist,
seagulls wheel.

[La Jolla, Oct 5th]
Dancing close
music beat, smoky lights
three graces.

[Tijuana, Oct 6th]
Bodies gyrate,
to the blasting, thudding beat,
bumping, smiling.

[San Diego, Oct 7th]
Shards of bark
and scattered yellow leaves,
a fallen statue.

[San Diego, Oct 8th]
Down the valley
lights twinkle from the dark,
rain's done.

[Tijuana, Oct 9th]
Sleepy guard
clanking rusty gates
sidewalk souvenirs.

[Tijuana, Oct 10th]
Silver chains
on the old man's arm,
his eyes seek mine.

[Tijuana, Oct 11th]
Jumbled houses
on brown eroding slopes
crumbling, falling.

[Tijuana, Oct 12th]
Mud plumes
in sparkling green water...
ship's wakes.

[San Francisco, Oct 13th]
Golden dawn
piercing valley's mist;
hills of purple.

[Calgary, Oct 14th]
Black water
reflects the city lights,
shadowed rocks.

[Calgary, Oct 15th]
Dusty road,
white aspen stems
crowd close.

[Hamburg, Oct 16th]
White trailers
maze of boardwalks
dark, drizzling.

[Hamburg, Oct 17th]
River blue
brown winding valley,
settling dusk.

[Peace River, Oct 18th]
Bright sun
yellow leaves flutter
rippling stream.

[Calgary, Oct 19th]
Grey sky
wide, cloudy, sullen:
directed road.

[Calgary, Oct 20th]
At my knee
a small brown leaf
torn, crumpled.

[Calgary, Oct 21st]
Across the street
rustling leaves skid,
bare branches.

[Calgary, Oct 22nd]
Bright Orion
shares the black sky,
early moon.

[Calgary, Oct 23rd]
Low water
rushing, rippling, reflecting
over the pebbles.

[Calgary, Oct 24th]
Grey trees
stand quite still
last leaf stirs.

[Calgary, Oct 25th]
Around the house,
the cold wind bellows
seeking entrance.

[Calgary, Oct 26th]
Rattling, rolling
lights and signs flash by
taxi hardly slows.

[Mexico City, Oct 27th]
Pots, beads, blades
with a body laid to rest
now seen again.

[Mexico City, Oct 28th]
Pyramid high
seeing all for miles...
with the gods.

[Teotihuacan, Oct 29th]
Morning haze
white and silver towers,
distant mountains.

[Mexico City, Oct 30th]
Green taxis
squeezing through traffic
rush everywhere.

[Mexico City, Oct 31st]